Fidget Spinners Destroyed my Family is good holiday fun

What a crazy little tumble down the rabbit hole. Never read anything by this author before, but he talked me into squeezing him into my busy schedule when he sent me the blurb above. Then when I saw the disturbing cover I knew it was for me.

Karen and her husband decide to get their kids some fidget spinners for their kids for Christmas. Fast-forward a few months and her whole marriage is ruined and both of her children have been removed from her home. And it’s all because of fidget spinners!!

Or is it??

Sometimes painful to read but always enthralling, this story follows the demise of one womans entire marriage in just a matter of months. There is a lot going on in this woman’s life, and she is not helping it one bit by drinking wine to numb her thoughts.

You have to keep turning the pages. You can not put it down until you get to the end.

It’s a well written short story that has no filler and makes for a great afternoon or evening read. Swift disintegration of the family unit in just 96 pages, I’ve honestly never seen anything like it but I loved it! I love when I feel like I am getting a strange peek into other people’s crazy lives, and this one didn’t disappoint me at all. The horrific and abrupt ending really put the icing on the cake.

When I got to the end honestly I wasn’t ready. I wanted more and I wanted to see Karen go even more crazy then she already was.