Teaser Tuesday #5 Second Chance to Live by Roscoe Kearns

This week’s Teaser Tuesday is for Indie Author Roscoe T Kearns and his book Second Chance to Live! Enjoy!

Navigating along life’s crooked line we are naturally touched by the people we meet and most will experience love and death and everything in between.

This is a great read for both sexes. A powerful, erotic and thrilling love story with a psychological twist about a man and a woman in their mid forties who meet on an Internet Dating site. He enters her cottage through a purple door, a door he has painted from afar and once through he gets why she decided on purple. A memorable night of heightened sexual pleasure ensues, lasagne and tiramisu in between and deep, yes very deep conversations.

The attraction quickly transpires into an emotional connection and before too long they each unlock buried memories of past events, memories neither expected to share with someone they had just met. But it’s clear from the onset they need each other; they need to share their stories to move on in life, a ‘Second Chance to Live.’

Was this fortuitous happenstance beginning with a click of a keyboard or destiny found? Love at first sight perhaps, if such a thing really exists, who knows, I shall let you decide but I do warn you; things are not what they seem as we discover more about their chequered past, a past hell bent on revenge.

One hand was touching me: the other was now holding the front of my neck telling me I was his. In the midst of my mind I could hear him say, “come for me my love,” as he gently bit my neck. I couldn’t hold back anymore and I felt my body shudder. I had reached the point of no return and I felt waves of heat flow through my body. The colour purple exploded in my mind and I fell over the cliff edge, falling deep into a chasm of intense pleasure. 


Buy Links:

Amazon US >> goo.gl/gVfR55

Amazon UK >> goo.gl/vLU7LW

Follow Roscoe on Facebook >> facebook.com/roscoetkearns


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