Excerpt from The Chosen Path by Jason Hershey


Today we are lucky enough to get a small excerpt of the sequel to a book we formerly reviewed, called To Die To Live by Indie author Jason Hershey. This installment to Theo’s story is titled The Chosen Path, let’s take a look….

4 years earlier….

“What is he wearing?”

“Look at his clothes.”

“How short are those pants?”

I heard it all. Every whisper. Every snide remark. Every put-down. It was hard going to school each day. My clothes were hand-me-downs. They didn’t fit most of the time and I didn’t have a name brand pair of shoes. I didn’t have many friends and I usually hung out on my own. I was the kid no one ever noticed, the one too quickly forgotten. Unless you wanted to make fun of someone. Then I was your man. I kept my head down, went to class and went home. My freshman year was terrible. The teachers seemed to like me, but my peers thought I was a freak.

Today was different for me. Today was the school science fair. I had been working on my potato light for a couple of weeks. Mr. Charles had been helping me every day after school. This was the opportunity to accomplish something just for me. I was excited to show my mom what I had been working on. I wanted to give her something she could be proud of. I stayed focused till the bell rang and made my way through the whispers and put downs as I walked out of the school. I ran all the way home. Some due to the excitement of getting home and partly to slip past the neighborhood gangsters.

I bounded up the stairs and crashed into the house, letting the metal screen door bang behind me. My mom was lying on the couch. She didn’t even flinch when I entered the house. “Mom. Tonight’s the show.” I said a million miles an hour. “I have to be there by six.”

“Baby. My head is killing me.” My mom had her hands over her eyes. “Go get me an ice pack.” Her voice was slow and her speech was slurred. I went to the kitchen and returned a minute later with a bag of frozen peas. “Now go watch TV and let me sleep.”

I grudgingly went to my room. I was bouncing off the wall with excitement. I sat and tried to finish my homework, but I couldn’t focus. I got up and stared at my project on my desk. A sense of pride and accomplishment swept over me. I hadn’t had a lot of positives in my life. This was one.

I spent the next hour and a half fiddling with my project and checking on my mom. She was out cold. I went in and covered her up with a blanket and went back to my room. I wanted her to be there for me tonight.

“Mom. We got to get ready to go.” I shook her. She moaned and rolled over on her side, the bag of peas, now warm and mushy, falling to the floor. “Mom! You have to get up.”

“I need to sleep, Baby.” She pushed my hands away from her, ignoring my pleas to get up.

“I’m going to be late.” I kneeled down and kissed her cheek. “Please, mom. You have to get up.”

“Let me sleep a minute.” She opened her eyes, fighting the light, and then closed them again. “I still need to get dressed and take a shower.”

I looked at her, to the clock, then back to her. “Get up and get dressed and meet me at the school.” I didn’t have a choice. If I waited for her, I would be late.

“OK baby. I’m going to get up right now.” Her speech was almost a whisper and she smelled stale and moldy, like clothes that sit in the washer too long.


Please check back tomorrow for a full review! In the meantime if you want to check out the first book, To Die To Live, you can purchase it on Amazon


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