Eleven Gift Ideas for the BookWorm in your life

The book worms in our lives can be hard to shop for, since it’s likely you have no idea what books they want or have (I am this person). And money for new books is always so nice too, don’t get me wrong….  We will take a $25 Amazon card all day long.

But everyone wants a gift from the heart every now and then, something that requires just a smidge of effort or thinking. So I’ve been keeping a list of bookish things that I wish someone would buy me someday, so I just went ahead and made a blog post about it.


Here they are, in no particular order!


These book necklaces by TinyBookTown, an Etsy store, are So. Awesome. She has a ton of different covers listed for sale, in three different sizes and a few different kinds of chains to pick from. They are complete with the spine and back cover as well! So much detail, these are a perfect gift!!


This is a page embosser that you can monogram your pages with on your favorite books, just like a notary would use! Anyone would love to have one of these instead of putting the stickers in the front that say “From the Library of”.  This is so much more sophisticated, not to mention cool, way to personalize your library. You can snag one of these, personalized of course, here ➜  goo.gl/TQKczo



Knock Knock’s Personal Library Kit is such an invaluable tool for the bookaholic that likes to share! Perhaps a little accountability would make it easier for your friends to return your books in a timely manner and not ruined! Probably not, but this is still a pretty cool gift idea! Get one here  ➜ goo.gl/sAE836




Everyone seems to love these book cozies! You place your book inside, which will help protect your book if you toss in in your bag. These handmade ones by Cracker Creations look like something I would like (wink wink). She will do them custom for you in a variety of fabrics that go from loud to subtle.




I am totally in love with pretty much anything from Etsy seller WriteMeWicked. They make beautiful necklaces and bracelets with your favorite bookish quotes and names, AND they will customize stuff for you!




These amazing prints by Etsy seller ThePurpleHamster are on upcycled old book pages, so each and every one is a unique one of a kind! Any book lover would adore a gift this beautiful!





The website redbubble.com has hundreds of bookish tee shirts with quotes and logos from all of your favorite popular stories.  Check them out here ➜ redbubble.com



Whether you plan on folding it for them or letting them do it, Book folding is a beautiful way to upcycle an old book and give it some new life again. FoldedBookGifts on Etsy has almost 100 DIY tutorial patterns to choose from, or you can just buy an already-folded book from them if you don’t want to do the work yourself. The name pattern on the left is just one of the many, many examples of what you can make! The star on the left is a picture of the one and only book fold I have done myself, following a similar tutorial. Not hard!

Check out their website: http://foldedbookart.com

They even have a newsletter you can subscribe to!! ➜ http://eepurl.com/cVZU9r




I am a firm believer in the idea that a person can never have enough bookmarks. These magnetic ones are my favorite kind, because they don’t fall out! You can buy them at any Target store ➜ goo.gl/5dL9wT or Amazon has a pretty great selection too ➜ goo.gl/7hKkJ5 Or I really like the ones that you can color in yourself, which you can also purchase at Amazon ➜ goo.gl/zUkNF9




These bookish candles from Etsy seller FromThePage are so adorable! They are made from Soy wax and made to look and smell delicious. She also has candles in glass jars, lip balm and wax for your Scentsy burner so get over there ➜ etsy.com/shop/FromthePage

She also has the most amazing social media:

Instagram: instagram.com/fromthepage
Tumblr: fromthepagecandles.tumblr.com
Facebook: facebook.com/fromthepagecandles




I’m a HUGE fan of tea drinking and this tea comes from the UK so you can bet that it’s delicious as well as beautifully packaged. What reader wouldn’t want to settle in with their Alice in Wonderland tea?! They offer all kinds of cool tea swag and accessories for when you get your tea drinking on, check out Etsy shop RosieLeaTeaUK here ➜ etsy.com/shop/RosieLeaTeaUK


Thanks for reading! I hope you came up with some great ideas for your Bookish friends and family!

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Sara is a book hobbit that lives in a house of all boys, located in the promised land. Books stack the walls to the ceiling in some places, and she just keeps adding more. She was raised on top of a mountain that is locked in the dead of winter ten months of the year. She wears a size eleven shoe and enjoys her chicken cooked on the BBQ grill. In addition to reading she enjoys pinning crafts on Pinterest that she will never make and watching movies about people with sad lives or documentaries about serial killers.

2 thoughts on “Eleven Gift Ideas for the BookWorm in your life

  1. Cool products! I saw some that are similar to a few of these at independent bookstores in Alaska. (I recently vacationed there.) Your picks are great gift ideas.

  2. Thank you heather for this amazing list of stuff! Have you heard of CubbyCase? I recently heard about them from another parent and they’re a learning through play subscription box for children, by Harvard experts! Thought that would make a really interesting gift for kids.

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