Teaser Tuesday #3 Welcome to Your Life by Katrina Marie

Tonya discovers she’s pregnant a month after breaking up with her high school boyfriend, Jake. She can’t decide whether to tell Jake she’s pregnant when he sees her at the mall with a maternity bag.

Tonya struggles to adjust to working, attending the local community college, and pushing off Jake’s advances to get back together. When she’s paired with the good looking guy from her Art class, Reaf, she has to battle the confusing emotions swirling through her brain and heart.

Can she find love, herself, and become the parent she hopes to be while dealing with pregnancy hormones and drama?


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I logged into the computer and began searching for all the works available from Picasso. There were so many, some of them I had never seen. Scrolling through the images one caught my eye. It’s called “The Girl in the Mirror.” It’s not all sunshine and rainbows that’s for sure, but something in it called to me. There are so many emotions and so much depth behind the eyes of the subject of this painting. I knew right then I was going to paint this piece. I stared at the clock waiting for the forty-five minutes to be up. I had to get to Thompson before one of the other students snatched my artist away from me.

I hear a chair begin to roll out from one of the rows behind me. Luckily I picked a spot in the first row and fairly close to where Professor Thompson sat. I bolt out of my chair speed walking, as funny a sight as that was, toward him barely getting there before the person that was coming to give him their choice. Before Thompson could even get his register out to put down my choice I blurt out Picasso. He rolls his eyes prepared to turn me down since he’s a well-known artist. I stand my ground. “I’m doing Picasso’s “Girl in the Mirror.” He looks like he’s about to argue, but decides he doesn’t want to piss off the obviously emotional pregnant girl before him.

I hear the person behind me growl in frustration. I turn around, ready to lay into them, but forget how to speak. Behind me is a guy with light brown hair that looks like it needs a trim, evidenced by small curls starting to turn upward. He has a cap on to try to tame them. He has the lightest hazel eyes with specs of green throughout them. He’s about a head taller than me, and looks pretty pissed off that I picked his artist. But I can’t stop staring. How did I go almost an entire semester not knowing this fine specimen of man was in my class?

“Professor Thompson, I was going to pick Picasso.”

“Now Reaf, Tonya here has already chosen Picasso. She got here first so you’ll need to pick another artist.” Professor Thompson adjusts his glasses while noting my artist on his spreadsheet.

Reaf sputtered, “But… Why can’t we have two people do the same artist. Many of these works have vast differences, and different looks.”

Professor Thompson seems to consider this a moment. He relents, “I guess I can bend the rules a little. Which piece are you wanting to produce?”

Reaf doesn’t hesitate, “Guernica.”

I stand frozen. How in the hell did I manage to be in the class with someone as gorgeous as him, and who also has the same interest in artwork that I have. Thompson nodded his head, “Okay, I’ll put you down for that work. Since y’all have decided to do the same artist I want a report from you that shows the diversity in an artist’s portfolio… together.”

We stand there gaping at him, realizing he’s not going to change his mind. Neither one of us is willing to forego the painting we’ve requested so we agree. I quickly grab my things and head out of the lab prepared to head home.

Someone grabs my arm before I make it very far down the hallway. I turn to see Reaf glaring at me. I guess he thought I would bow out of my choice. Well, tough shit. “I guess since we’re working together I’ll be seeing more of you.”

He takes me in from head to toe, nods, and walks away. Um, okay. I’m not sure what that look was about, but it seems like he just sized me up, and decided I’m some worthless, teenage, pregnant chick. Well, screw him. He has no right to judge me. I pick up my pace to get to my car. It’s cold outside, and I really don’t want to freeze my ass off before I get home.


Author Bio :

Katrina Marie lives in the Dallas area with her husband, two children, and fur baby. She is a lover of all things geeky and Gryffindor for life. This is her debut novel and she hopes you enjoy reading it as much as she enjoyed writing it.



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