The Wild By K Webster

5 Stars (5 / 5)

I brought them to the wilderness because we couldn’t cope with our reality.
The plan was to make a new life that didn’t include heartache.
No people. No technology. No interference.
Just us.
A chance to piece together what was broken.
But the wilderness is untamed and harsh.
Brutal and unforgiving.
It doesn’t give a damn about your feelings.
Tragedy lives there too.
No escaping the truths that won’t let you go.
All you can do is survive where love, no matter how beastly, is the only thing you can truly count on.
Confusing. Wrong. Twisted. Beautiful. Sick.
Love is wild.
And we’re going to set it free.

This book deals with extremely taboo topics. If you are not into romances that push the boundaries of right and wrong (not only push it but leap right over it or even possibly be shot over that boundary by a canon) then you shouldn’t read this book. If you have never read a K Webster book in your life, than definitely don’t read this one first.

Just when I think that she has written the craziest story that I can think of, one that even gets banned from Amazon, she comes up with one that makes her other taboo stories pale in comparison. The best way to read this book is if you go in blind, don’t read too many reviews or comments and just settle in. In true K Webster style the story that she weaves is not just steamy but loaded with unexpected twists and turns, and sometimes shocking violence, when you least suspect it. A dangerous combination.

You know where this book is heading 5 minutes into starting it, but you actually have no idea where the journey is going to take you. It’s not only a romance but a tale of survival, in more ways than one. Sometimes romantic, sometimes horrific, this book crossed thresholds in my mind that I thought were long set up and impenetrable. She has taken a topic that is so wrong and made it seem so right that while you may not question your own morals, you still wonder how far you would go, what boundaries you would leap over, in the name of love.

The characters dig right into your psyche, making you think and feel all the angsty emotions that go along with breaking those rules. Your heart breaks when theirs does, but your heart will sing with them as well.

I really don’t want to give too much of the story away, so I will leave you with a final plea to trust the author when making the decision about reading this book. If you really and truly think that there are triggers or ANY kind of topic that might turn you off in a romance then turn back, listen to what she says in her warning before you order it. But if you have loved all her stories before I would say then you will likely love this one too, in it’s own conflicting and mysterious way.

*I was given this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review.*

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This book has been banned on Amazon, SmashWords and Barnes and Noble dealers. The only place that it is available for purchase is the authors website

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