To Die To Live by Jason Hershey


To Die To Live by Jason Hershey

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This is the debut YA book from new author Jason Hershey, a short novella about two high school boys who forge an impossible friendship, and the hardships of growing up with parents with substance abuse problems.

The story started off with an average kid named Theo at a new high school, you could tell that the kid didn’t really fit in with others all that well. It is hard for him to meet new friends, since he has never really had many friends to begin with. When a school bully picks on him and beats him up at school, another stronger boy named Draven steps in and helps Theo. They strike up an unlikely friendship, this smart loner kid and this troubled tough kid. This is a moving story and love and loss and how to cope with the overwhelming emotions of both.

What I liked about this book

  • It is a quick read. Very to the point, it honestly took me less then an hour to read, because of both the length and how into the story I was.
  • It was totally relate-able. It isn’t a long story so there isn’t much time to flesh out characters, but that was ok. It wasn’t hard to connect with them at all. There is something about the way that the author tells the story that allows you to become invested in Theo early on, and as he begins to trust Draven, you see how special he is, and you trust him too.

What I didn’t like about this book (which actually turn out to be kinda more things I liked about it)

  • I might have been a little slow to start in the first chapter, but it picked up after that and flowed smoothly.
  • In way, it might have been too short! Honestly I liked these two boys enough that I would have dedicated more time to reading about them and their back stories then I already have. More Jason, More!!

Final Verdict: Awesome! I would give this story 4/5 easy. It was short and to the point but evoked emotion within me and has made me think about the story more then once since I have finished it. Go out and buy it!

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