The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher

This book was hilarious at best heart-wrenching at worst, with Carrie Fisher’s passing being so close to when I started it. When I found out that she had had a heart attack on the plane, I dropped everything so I could read this. My last book of 2016 was a special one for me, seeing as Princess Leia was so near to my little geeky heart.

There were so many levels that I could connect with her throughout the duration of this book. Not your everyday conventional beauty, Carrie knew that she was just that at a young age. Clumsy and round-faced, she went through the motions of being a cool Hollywood star everyday, fooling everyone around her, when inside she was hoping that she wasn’t talking too much or that she was remembering to hold her stomach in when speaking to her costars. She was completely oblivious to the fact that she was cute as a button, and sadly she came to recognize this later on in her life.

The first third of the book is all about becoming Leia. For me this part was almost borderline better then the actual diary part of the book, because I am a total nerdy geek on the inside, one that used Princess Leia as the basis of what all women in space should look and act like.

She describes what it was like to act with Warren Beatty before getting the part in Star Wars, and what the casting calls were like when she was auditioning for the part. Her observations of what it was like to see Harrison Ford for the first time in person, when she did her final audition for Leia, how he seemed the “strong and silent type”, disinterested and so cool, which I don’t think comes as a surprise to any of us.

One of the best parts was when she told the story of how they came up with the famous buns of Navarone. It is possible that she details her transformation into Leia in any of her other books, but this is the only one of her books that I have read and it was fascinating to me!

The diaries part is the part that really gets you in the gut when you are reading it. In it you can see the naive young girl of 19 that she really was when the first movie was being filmed. You can see how self-conscious and insecure she is, even though she was having an affair with one of the most attractive new actors in Hollywood at the time. The bottom line is that she fell in love with someone that didn’t love her back, and in my own opinion, there can be no greater casual torture for a human being.

I give this book 5/5 stars and encourage even those that don’t love Star Wars or Carrie Fisher to read this chronicle of emotions that she has laid bare for us. This is a top shelf book for sure!

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