Teaser Tuesday #4 Evergreen Avenue by Amelia Keldan

This weeks Teaser Tuesday is a twisty literary fiction that I personally enjoyed reading very much. Evergreen Avenue is the first book in the series that continues with Evergreen Park, and soon to be published Evergreen Shade, which is due out August 31!!

To celebrate the release the author is giving away 3 paperback copies so don’t forget to click the link below!!



For 1970s housewife Penny McVee, the move back up to the lush and idyllic Adelaide Hills is a big one. With her devoted husband Russell and three beautiful kids by her side, she feels ready to embrace the hometown she had left so long ago. The long and lazy Summer stretches out before them, promising endless days filled with pool parties, friendship and chocolate fondue. Secrets however, have a way of revealing themselves. Way down deep beneath the murky depths of her subconscious, Penny hides a memory she’d rather forget. Determined to keep it together and mindful of the shaky ground she now finds herself standing on, Penny ignores the little voice telling her to tread carefully. Will those around her be content to ignore any past indiscretions or is Penny about to lose it all?



Estelle fluffed up her hair, positioned the casserole under her left arm and lifted up the neighbor’s brass knocker. She knew full well that the mousy woman next door had caught her spying earlier. She figured a friendly visit and an offer of a home cooked meal would placate her into realizing she was not some sort of nosey parker. Better yet, she hoped the husband would be the one to answer the door. There was nothing she loved more than someone else’s husband lusting after her. It made her feel powerful when she noticed an already taken man undressing her with his eyes.

The door suddenly sprung open and Estelle was surprised to see a child standing before her. With long golden hair and big green eyes, the girl looked up at her full of curiosity.

“Who are you then?” she asked abruptly.

“Oh hey honey. My name is Estelle. Is your Daddy home?” Estelle purred looking over the child’s shoulder.

“Muuuuuum! Some lady is here looking for Daddy,” the child called out loudly, still looking up at the strange lady before her.

“She smells like meatloaf!” she added, as her Mother came around a corner holding a tea towel.

“Oh Tildy hush. Don’t be rude,” Penny said nervously. She offered Estelle a smile.

“Oh hello there. I’m Estelle…from next door?” Estelle stammered out.

“Oh sure…of course. Gosh, I’m sorry. I’ve been rather complacent about introducing myself around. I’m Penny. We’re still unpacking I’m afraid,” she explained, gesturing towards the chaos surrounding her. “Come on in.”

Stepping over the threshold, Estelle suddenly felt nervous. This was the infamous ghost house after all. She and Todd had been living in the area for over a year now and they’d heard all the stories. Feeling annoyed that the little brat was still staring at her, Estelle held forth her best casserole dish.

“Here. Beef stew. I figured it must be challenging moving in and providing a proper hot meal every night.”

“Oh Estelle. That was so thoughtful of you. I’ve already sorted tonight’s dinner but you’re right. I’ve still got my own slow cooker packed in a box somewhere. Is this dish okay to freeze?” she asked politely.

“Oh of course. No worries. Just return the dish when you’re able.”

Walking into the kitchen, she was pleased to note that it was not as flash as her own. Sure, it was cozy and pretty enough but Todd had insisted their own place be less cluttered and ‘lived in’. It was one thing they still agreed on thankfully. Estelle’s childhood was spent in a pigsty. What constituted as homey to some just seemed messy to Estelle.


Check out my 4.5 Star review for Evergreen Avenue here >> goo.gl/hhyJLM


To enter to win 1 of 3 paperbacks -OR- 1 of 3 e-copies of Evergreen Avenue click here >> goo.gl/CnBm5p

Amelia Keldan is a women’s fiction writer, full time Mother and lover of all things vintage.

When not reading and writing, you can find her trawling through second hand stores, re-furbishing old furniture and creating playlists on her iPod.

Amelia grew up amongst the foothills of South Australia and now resides in a beachside suburb where her next stand-alone novel will be set. Currently in the midst of completing the final novel in The Evergreen Series, Amelia hopes her readers fall in love with her stories and looks forward to telling more and more tales in the future.


Author Website ➜ www.ameliakeldan.com

Amazon #oneclick Evergreen Avenue (Book 1) ➜ goo.gl/2hYfyB

Amazon #oneclick Evergreen Park (Book 1) ➜ goo.gl/XWFWSA

Goodreads ➜ goo.gl/efRkKY

Facebook ➜ https://www.facebook.com/ameliakeldan/

Twitter ➜ https://twitter.com/amelia_keldan

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