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5 Stars (5 / 5)

It’s not every day that a man with a refined English accent and a three-piece suit wanders into Roxy’s tattoo parlor.

More than a little intoxicated, and fresh from a break-up, Edward is eager for some body art to commemorate the occasion.

But Roxy smells trouble.

She knows his type: conservative, corporate banker. Wealthy snob. Infuriatingly charming.

She’s ready to show him the door.

Edward, however, is fascinated by the sassy shop owner. And her scowling expression – and smart mouth – is infinitely more intriguing than a tattoo.

They’re complete and total opposites. Absolutely nothing in common. Except…

Edward and Roxy learn they do share a secret fantasy. And suddenly they’re coming up with a much more improper use for Edward’s fancy tie.

Hold on to your panties because they are sure to melt away after reading this super hot novella.

Edward has just been dumped by the dumbest girl in the world. He spends the evening drinking and then stumbles in to bad-girl Roxy’s tattoo shop, wanting to brand himself in retaliation to the slight from his ex. Sparks fly between the two of them when they begin to get to know each other, and the night ends…..pretty swell, for both of them. These two are smokin hot together.

Kathryn Nolan has a talent for writing her characters, and the sexual tension between these two is almost tangible. She is the queen of writing super hot sex that gets your heart pounding. As for this story, it’s impressive the amount of feels and steam that is packed into something so short.

Nothing that this woman writes is disappointing in the least, so if sexy British dudes that love to sweet-talk tattooed bad girls out of their panties and then give them a nice little spank is your thing, then I would DEFINITELY pick up this novella today!

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