Snow White: A Graphic Novel by Matt Phelan


Snow White: A Graphic Novel by Matt Phelan

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This was a classic retelling of the Snow White myth, except it takes place in the 1920’s. Instead of a magic mirror that talks to her, she has a ticker tape, a strip of paper fed through a machine that transmitted stock information to the recipient.


The machine is what first gives her the idea that Snow White needs to be disposed of, that Snow White is indeed more beautiful then she, that her husband needed to be killed. The device is her magic mirror. Instead of the seven dwarf’s Snow White meets seven street kids that help her when she needs it. This is a juvenile book so I would say at least 8-10 to read it. In the original Snow White, the step-mother sends the huntsman after the princess and tells him to cut out her heart so that she has proof that she is dead. He kills a deer and uses that heart instead, as does the “huntsman” in this story. The disembodied heart is only a drawing and the only graphic part of the novel itself.



  • Graphic Novels are awesome and totally underrated in my opinion! Some of the greatest moments in literary history have taken place on the pages of what my parents like to call “comics”.
  • The illustrations were excellent and minimal, which adds to their intensity I think.
  • It’s a super quick read. It too me about 20 minutes to read it, so I read it again.
  • The most wonderful twist at the end when it is supposed to be true loves kiss that awakens the princess, it is something else and I thought the ending was beautiful and modern even for being set in the 20’s.
  • As I said before, this is definitely an 8-10 year old book. The themes are clear and understandable for this age group and would take little to no explaining if they had already seen the Disney movie.

Final Verdict:: This would be a beautiful addition to anyone’s collection. It is simple and small and decidedly sweet and anyone would be lucky to read this beautiful book.

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