Screwing Around by Alexis Wilder

**There will be spoilers in this review if you haven’t read the first Tinseltown Temptress book, Screw Up by Alexis Wilder.**

Cassie is up to her old tricks in book two of the Tinseltown Temptress series and she didn’t disappoint me at all this time either. Most of the time in a trilogy the second has a reputation of falling flat; being boring because it’s just a bridge to the next book. That was so not the case with this book. It was a wonderful continuation of the story: There were questions that got answered from book one and more situations that arose that will require her immediate attention in the next novel.

First of all Cassie is determined to get her job back at TFP since her giant screw up from Europe. Second she is dead set on finding her mom, since she is convinced that is who stole her money. Then to top it all off her estranged (ex) boyfriend Lenny comes back and wants her out of the apartment.

When she does get her job back (OK we all knew that she would get it back, right?! This IS the Tinseltown Temptress series!!) her boss wants to pick who she sleeps with, which would get under my skin just like it does hers. I was wondering how she was going to be able to come up with more steamy sex scenes (honestly how many different ways can you do it) but Alexis has done a great job mixing it up often and coming up with new and sexy scenes starring our leading lady paired with various dreamy partners.

Cassie is funny, her friends are funny. Cassie also has lead a hard life that was lacking in parental guidance and we are shown more of her background, we get to see more of her back story in this book, more of why she is the way she is and I am so glad. I hope for more of that in the final installment.

I know for a fact that the reason I like these so much is that yes, the book is erotica and there are extremely graphic sex scenes in them, although that is not the bottom line. In these the sex is just an added bonus, because there is an actual plot that you are interested in. This is not just a porno that you can watch with the volume turned off and still understand what’s going on.

I like Cassie a lot. I’ve become invested in her now. I want her to succeed in the worst way. You can tell by reading this book more then the last one that pretty much nothing has gone smooth or “right” for Cassie much of her life and I just really really want this to all work out for her! Just like Screw Up, I give Screwing Around 5/5 stars and urge everyone that likes contemporary fiction and romance to give these books a try, I don’t think you will be disappointed either.

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