Screwed Over is my happy surprise this holiday season!

Comic-cons, dinner theater, and orgy allegory provide Cassie with plenty of territory to hunt famous targets for her bosses at TFP.mag no matter how dangerous the going gets. She only needs to finish off a few more articles to follow through on her promise to help best friend Matt finance his unusual night club. Unfortunately, family issues, ex-boyfriends, and her own lousy luck drag her under often enough to make hammering out those Tinseltown Temptress pieces harder than ever. Throw in a mess of new security measures, gorgeous film star MH’s strange continued interest in Cassie’s life (and body), and her own tendency to blurt out the worst thing at the stupidest time, and she might never satisfy her contract. Determining whether it’s better to tell truths in real life and save lies for the page, or continue to bluff her way through both, Cassie valiantly attempts to ride out the raging waves of her life to find the calmer waters ahead.

What a wonderful little tale Alexis Wilder has woven for us to end the story of the Tinseltown Temptress. This was the best book of the series! I loved the wild abandon of book 1, Cassie’s identity is a secret and she has some great (and not so great) sexy times. The looming doom of Cassie’s sucky life in book 2, and the way that all Cassie’s situations gets wrapped up (for the time being) in book 3. It made me laugh out loud more than once. Cassie is crude and crass, but also funny and sensitive and I think we would get on great in real life.

Wilder ties up all the loose ends of book 2, including Cassie’s messed up hot romance, her horrible mother, and the story behind who took a shot at her. Of course, her hot hook-ups continue in this smutty tale, but the way that the author tells them is the best part of reading these books. We are first served up with her fictional tale of the account, as published by her employer. Then we get the real story behind what happened. Each time, it proves to be so much better the second time around.

Wilder put a lot of thought behind this last installment, with fresh ideas for the temptress and new shenanigans for her to get into. A reader can’t help but fall in love with Cassie’s ballsy attitude, determination, and sheer bluntness:

“The human vagina is an incredibly strong and elastic muscle unlike the lump of lard you keep between your ears. As long as you take care of it and exercise it properly, it can do truly amazing things, like when your mothers twat coughed out your thick, numb, skull.” 

…..Ladies and gentlemen, We Got Em. 

As I have detailed in my other reviews for the first two books, I really like Cassie’s character. With the time gap between the second and third book being published, I was afraid that I wasn’t going to see what happened to her in the end. But this last book was better than I could have imagined! I was so happy when I reached the end that I wanted to go back and start all over again!

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