Screw Up by Alexis Wilder

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First of all I give this book 5/5 stars, I loved this story so much! This kinda surprised me because I’m not usually into erotic fiction: The sexual encounters in erotic fiction are often inflated and unrealistic, which is why women read them, I get that. We all want our husbands and lovers to be Don Juans, each time we do the deed it is MINDBLOWING… wouldn’t that be so perfect. But you and I know that is so far from reality that it’s a joke. This book is so much more realistic with the sex then *few* other erotic novels that I have read in my time.

Cassie is a beautiful woman that likes to have lots of sex, so when a job opportunity falls directly in her lap (so to speak) to do just that, she nabs it up. The job is to use her feminine wiles get famous men to sleep with her, and then she dishes on it to the paparazzi in the form of an article, which in this story is a website similar to TMZ. She gets to job(s) done alright, sometimes it’s steamy and sexy and sometimes it’s really not sexy at all. Every erotic novel is filled with sexual encounters that some women will only dream about in their lifetimes. As every woman in America can tell you, and as the main character can tell you here as well, that is not always the case. The sex is explicit (it’s an erotic novel) but it explores how coupling is sexy, fun, sometimes awkward, sometimes funny, all things that we have all experienced, and even some that we haven’t (hopefully)!



  • I love the way that the novel is set up. First we get to read the article that she has written for the website, then we get to see what really happened in the next chapter, and I loved that aspect of the book.


  • Cassie is a realistic character and I loved her. She is a modern woman with a criminal for a mother and a bitchy sister. She agrees to sleep with these men and write about it, and in her articles she comes across as cunning and sly, willing to do whatever she can to sleep with these men, but she does have an attack of her conscience frequently.
  • My most favorite part is in the very beginning of the last article she writes for the website, when she speaks directly to the double standard that all of us women are forced to answer to eventually, even if you are careful about who you sleep with. She says “So I’m not sorry or regretful in the least, just courteously dismayed that all of society is judging them based on their sexual decisions. Must be tough guys.” ZING!! GET IT GURL!

FINAL VERDICT:: This book was given to me for free in exchange for a fair and honest review. That being said, still I can’t stress enough how much I liked this story, even putting the sex aside. It actually had a plot, and a great one too, and it made me laugh out loud at a couple passages. When I got about halfway through I couldn’t put it down because I wanted to know what was going to happen with our leading lady! This book is fab fab fab: It’s definitely worth the read and I just can’t wait to dig into the next one!

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