Open When….Letters to Lift Your Spirits

Published by  Crown :: Ten Speed Press ::  24 Pages

Optimistic little letters to open when…

Youre feeling stressed out,

You need courage, or

You want to laugh.

In this emergency inspiration kit designed to lift the spirits, twelve insightful messages are tucked away inside beautifully illustrated envelopes for you to open when you need them most.

I am in love with the idea of this book.

When I first signed up to receive this book to review from, I will admit that I was expecting something a little more substantial. There are 12 “letters” inside of the book, but they are more like letter shaped pages with inspirational quotes on them. Which is fine. Because what is there is quite beautiful and inspirational like the book says.

First, the art work is exquisite and fits the subject matter perfectly. It is the show stealer and the true winner of this little book. The pictures that are presented with each quote are so perfectly matched. The artwork is by Katarzyna Lesiakowska-Tofil and Maggie Chiang.


I will say that some of the quotes are longer than others, but nothing that would pass as a ‘real’ letter. The quotes that the author gives you are sweet and inspirational, meant to put a smile on your face even if you’re not feeling down.

“Positive people have negative thoughts too. They just don’t allow those thoughts to grow too big. And they make sure to stop those negative thoughts from following them around all day,”

This was a really cute little book that would look beautiful on your coffee table but as far as something that would actually make you feel better when you’re feeling sad I don’t really think so.

*I got this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review from*

You can purchase the book on Amazon

You can see more artwork by Katarzyna Lesiakowska-Tofil in her ETSY store.

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