Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling



Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling

OK, to start off with I give this story 4/5 stars, because I love Harry Potter and nothing about him can get me down, even if this is a screenplay instead of an actual novel. I liked the elements of the story, and how it tied up again at the end.

In this story we begin where the book/movie #8 left off, with Harry saying goodbye to his son Albus on the platform before boarding the Hogwarts Express for the first time. Since it is a play and there is so much material to cover it goes very fast with minimal descriptions. As it goes with screenplays, it is mostly dialog and the rest is left to your imagination.


  • So it’s Harry Potter, right? We love Harry Potter anything, and that includes this book for me. She cut loose with a couple “jems” from the Wizarding World that we might not have otherwise known. She used all of our favorite characters that we know and love from the books and even added some new ones. I thought that it was going to be all about the kids, but it think that it’s fair to say it was 60% kids, 40% adults (Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny in present time.)
  • It was a quick read. It only took me two afternoons to read the whole thing.
  • Someone else wrote this story but I feel like JK really showed through in the dialog between the characters. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny were exactly like I would have expected them to be.



  • I have always been of the opinion that JK was far to hard on Harry and put him through more then any one person should ever go through. Cedric, Sirius, Tonks and Lupin, Dobby, personal trials, no parents, he is like the guy that never catches a break. The Cursed Child is no different, and she really takes the end of this book as a real opportunity to kick Harry right square in the nuts one last and final time, and I think it was pretty cruel actually.
  • I’m trying hard to be open minded about the idea of it being a screenplay instead of a novel and not complain about the format. Of course we would have liked another novel, maybe one geared toward all of us Potterheads that are adults ourselves now. We want it to be super thick filled with details about the wizarding world that we have been longing for for nine long years now. When a person is reading a book they like to “get lost” in it and let their imagination take charge. Reading this required a little more of my attention to imagine what was happening. Luckily I have lived at Hogwarts for many months myself in my head so I’m quite familiar with the grounds.


So first of all if you are a true Potterhead then of course it is worth the read. A person has to know what happens, right?! Is it worth the 18$ that you are going to spend on a brand new one? Not sure. I got my copy from the library and will be keeping my eyes out for all the people who didn’t like theirs. 🙂 4/5 stars

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