Disappearance at Devil’s Rock


Disappearance at Devils Rock by Paul Tremblay

This was my second novel by Paul Tremblay, and it did not disappoint me in the slightest. It was a page turner right up until the very end. Honestly I was expecting a little bit more of a twisted ending, but don’t let this detract you from the story. I got this book off the shelf at the library without knowing anything about the book. Looking on Goodreads it seems that this is listed as a horror novel but I think it is more of a mystery thriller with paranormal elements. There were some parts that left me with a pretty eerie feeling.

It is hard to go into much of the plot without giving a lot of the story away, so I will just say that it begins with a mother getting a phone call from one of her sons friends: They had all gone out to the woods to drink beer and had lost track of her son Tommy out there, they had no idea where he had gone. Her search for the truth of what happened in the days that follow are what keep you roped in for the duration.

  What I liked about this book

  • Like I said above—Page Turner. I literally read from page 68 until I was done.
  • The characters were likable, believable, it was easy to be invested the mother looking for her son. Even the flashbacks when we got to see Tommy made us feel for the kids also.
  • The writing is amazing, the imagery is wonderful, the plot flows very smooth.
  • It reminded me so much of Stranger Things while I was reading it, and right now that is one of my favorite shows, so that is awesome.


What I didn’t like about this book

  • There were a couple ends at the end that he didn’t tie up and I really hate that, this is a personal thing…not your fault, Paul.
  • This could go hand in hand with the last one: There were a couple parts of the story that didn’t seem to fit to me. It wasn’t super apparent and didn’t keep me from enjoying the story, but there were defiantly a couple extra pieces to this puzzle. I guess these could have been “red herrings” but I’ve never had much appreciation for those.
  • Seriously that is probably the only bad things that I could say about this book.

The final verdict: This is a great book! The only way that a person wouldn’t enjoy this book is if you were one that got spooked easy. I don’t typically read in this genre and I found it to be quite entertaining.

If you like this book then you may also enjoy Head Full of Ghosts also by Paul Tremblay and The Fireman by Joe Hill.


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