Christmas in Eternity Springs by Emily March


Can Miss Christmas find her spirit again?

Emily March delivers in this Christmas installment, (book 12!!!) to her series about the fictional town of Eternity Springs in Colorado. This 5 star book is full of everything that a person would want in a gushy Christmas romance novel, but there were some other themes in the book that I found intriguing. It was about three people trying to heal each other after each of them had already been broken. It was pretty predictable but lovely to read, and that’s why we read these romances anyways, right?!

After being betrayed by her fiance, Claire Branham flees Texas in search of anything to nurture her broken soul. On the way she finds the charming and perfect town of Eternity Springs and decides to stay. As a reader you want to move to this town too, it sounds so quaint and beautiful! She opens up a Christmas store: Christmas is in her bones, in her soul, it’s what she has always loved and always been about, but she does find it harder and harder each year to find the joy in her favorite holiday due to more circumstances than just her betrayal by her fiance around the holidays.

The man that she will meet and fall in love with against her will is Jax Lancaster. Jax’s wife was killed in a tragic accident, and all anyone knows is that it was during Christmas. This caused his son to have PTSD and horrible reactions when encountering anything that has to do with the holiday. Eternity Springs is home to one of the best PTSD camps in the country, and that is exactly what Jax is doing in town when him and Claire quite literally bump into each other.

While being called Christmas in Eternity Springs, the actual holiday doesn’t come until the end of the novel, so it was the perfect one to help me ease into the spirit. I enjoyed this book not only because of it’s Christmasy spirit but also because it wasn’t bogged down with lots of meaningless sex, it was almost strictly the aspect of falling in love, the anticipation of physical contact, and curing the child of his disorder, This aspect kept the pages turning for me, since Claire ran a Christmas shop, and the kid’s scared to death of Christmas. How could they possibly be together in this instance?

In the end, all three of them helped heal each other, and the ending was so satisfying. I got this novel for free in exchange for a fair and honest review, and I couldn’t be happier that I did. I have never read any of the other Eternity Springs novels, I will definitely be checking them out soon as well!

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