The Chosen Path by Jason Hershey

4 Stars (4 / 5)

From the author of the emotional “To Die To Live”, comes the next riveting chapter of one mans search to find his purpose in life.

Thelonious “Theo” Mitchell, now a college freshman, is eager to put the death of his friend, Draven, behind him. Devoting himself to school and sports, he meets sabrinna, a beautiful coed who sweeps him off his feet. Untrusting and hidden behind a wall, he allows himself to fall for her.

Will he find his soul mate and someone who can restore his faith and trust in people? Or will she leave him reeling and continuing his search for a purpose in life?


When I first learned of the sequel to To Die To Live I was so excited! Love Love LOVE Jason Hershey. His writing is very sensitive and while not very long his stories present you with characters that can’t help but become invested in. There are some new and some old in this story, some good and not so good, and a turn of events that I definitely wasn’t expecting.

Theo is a pretty great dude, considering where he has come from and the obstacles he has had to overcome in his life so far. He is going to college (awesome man, awesome!) has a pretty normal roommate and is thinking about girls. This is such a contrast to when we first met Theo and his mother had just overdosed and he was facing his last year of high school alone.


Even though this is a short story, we still get a good sense of what it is like in college for Theo. He plays on the football team, and even though he isn’t the star, he feels at home with his teammates. He has classes, lives with a roommate, goes to parties, and seems to be living a great life, all despite the events of the last story.

As the story goes on, events begin to cause Theo to doubt himself and his relationships with others. What is real? Who is fake? Does anyone really care about me? I like the progression of Theo over the course of this story, because it is all feelings that I think someone like Theo would really think. Someone who had been through the life events that Theo has, someone who has been abandoned and deserted more than once.

I love the way that Hershey writes his stories, the way he colors it with his words. Every line is written with emotion and compassion for Theo. There are some passages of his that hit right at home, right in the feels, right where it counts, right where it makes you think.


There was nothing about the story itself that I didn’t like: My problems lie more in the editing side of the novel. There were a few punctuation typos and misspellings. A few places where I thought it was the evening, but suddenly Theo was going for a run in the crisp morning air or some such of a time confusion. They certainly weren’t enough to turn me off of the essence of the story.

Also, it never matters to me, but there was a cliffhanger ending, just FYI!!

*I was given this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review.*

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