* Book Review* Buying Illegal Bugs with Bitcoin by George Billions

5 Stars (5 / 5)

You can buy anything on the Internet these days. Books, electronics, and Chinese takeout are just a few clicks away. If you’re after something more illicit, all you need is a special browser and some bitcoin to spend. Every drug you might want is readily available on the darknet markets. You can also hire a hitman, get a fake ID made, or have an illegal bug delivered to your door.

Ben Samsa is a small-time weed dealer and amateur entomologist. He can’t resist buying a mysterious bug he finds on one of the black market sites where he gets his inventory. The splurge leaves him with only enough bitcoin to purchase lower quality marijuana than he normally sells. Unfortunately, Ben doesn’t realize one of his customers has been flipping his product to a murderous, one-eyed Nazi. He’s soon sucked into a hellish nightmare of dread, drugs and death.

Meanwhile, the bug is growing. Nothing will ever be the same when Ben learns the true, hideous name of the insect.

This book was super cool, super weird, and gave me the creepy crawlies all at once. There are pot smokers, horrible friends, hillbilly-meth-head-tweakergangsters, and crooked cops with mustaches in this story. (I loved picturing the cop as Seth Rogan from Superbad BTW).

Ben is a small time weed dealer who only sells to finance his lifestyle. When his *ridiculously bad* friend gives him $3500 to invest in buying some for himself, Ben jumps at the chance. He can use the money to buy bitcoin (a form of on-line currency whose value shifts constantly) and buy the product on the dark web. (This part fascinated me because I always heard you could buy little kids on the dark web but here he was browsing high level drugs, cheetahs and spiders the size of house cats from the jungle. Ahh, Ok, that’s where you buy that stuff from!)

So then the weed gets mailed to his house in a discreet package with little effort on his part and he is even able to make some money because of interest on the rising price of bitcoin. TaDAAA! Sounds simple, right? Wrong. One small miscalculation on Ben’s part sets in motion a chain of events that eventually spirals into one of the oddest and most engrossing stories I have read so far this year. I can’t give away anymore of the story than that. Maybe other than it goes from fiction to a little bit mystery to horror/sci-fi real quick, which is a unique combination that totally works here.

There isn’t a lot of junk writing in this story, not a lot of characters ruminating on pointless crap. Every word and sentence is driven toward the plot, or towards fascinating yet creepy facts about bugs. Which still pertains to the plot, because there are lots of bugs in this story. I am completely grossed out by bugs, I hate them and I hate having them on me. I’m a screamer. But I loved the weirdness of this story, the way that it developed into something that I never, ever saw coming. Which is great, because every book I read is predictable and you will never predict the ending to this book.

This book is FREE on Kindle Unlimited, and it’s totally worth the click if you like horror/sci-fi stuff. It’s quick not only because it’s short but because it’s fantastically written. When the story comes full circle at the end and thumps you in the back of the head, you will thank me for recommending this book.

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