☆☆ Book Review ☆☆ Lunora and the Monster King

5 Stars (5 / 5)

The Monster King’s searching for a human, and word on the wind is Mother Leaf knows where it is!

Wake to a New Horizon.

The vast world of Caligo dwells beyond the gaze of humans. Inhabiting extraordinary fiends and deadly creatures, its black sun and moonless nights are hidden for one lone purpose-to keep us out.

Fourteen-year-old Lunora wakes up scared and alone in this dark world, but she’s not alone’ and she’s not welcome. Her treacherous journey to find her father will take her body and soul to the depths of despair as she must turn enemies into allies to survive. A Hyperion monster boy, Iko, must decide if he can trust a human over the will of his tribe and the rule of the ruthless Monster King.

Experience this coming-of-age story that explores what it means to be human and examines the limitless possibilities still hidden away in the cracks and corners of reality.


“The word on the wind tells of new human soul being revealed to the Monster King. It is said that Mother Leaf knows her whereabouts”

A shadowed figure whispered. As if driven by hunger, ominous eyes glinted in the everlasting darkness. The shapeless forms circled near a floating glass door as scarlet eyes brimming with hate approached. They belonged to a masked boy with long white hair and a scarlet glare. “Devour this human, gain the power to rule over the fog” a voice echoed as the door opened, unveiling the bewitched Kingdom of Nevermore.

Beyond the hazy entrance a young girl lay beneath a single ray of light. Flowers sang around her as dark shadows roamed between the avenues of stars. The name Lunora filled the atmosphere as monsters drew closer.

“She is mine!” A wooden creature with dark beady eyes howled threateningly as the land eclipsed beneath an Eldritch black sun. “I am Mother Leaf, and on my word, no harm shall come to this child!”

“She is human! Not one of us! Are you a traitor?” a monster shouted amongst other exclamations of shock before the door closed and locked.

The voice of the king then silenced every breath.

“Find her.”



This was such a different book than I am used to reading. Gifted to me by the author to read in exchange for a review. My heart sank when I saw that it was a script (no one said anything about a play! Dangit) but I read on because I said that I would. 

What I found there in that “play” was far more than just a play. What was there reached out and grabbed ahold of me and pulled me in from the very beginning, no matter what the format was, but it wasn’t all dialogue.. I do have to admit that while I am typically such a proud owner and reader of my Kindle, I for the first time wished that I had the actual book in my hand rather than the screen one. To be able to see the illustrations and the words on the page in this instance would have been extraordinary. I feel like maybe I would have felt like what Bastian felt when he was reading The Neverending Story up in the school attic.

Lunora made a strong protagonist, one that was easy to connect to ( I would think if you were a girl or a boy) and someone that even an adult could look up to and take notes from when it comes to intense interactions with others.  She is the victim of a terrible attack and wakes up in a world that is filled with monsters. The first character that you meet is Mother Leaf, someone that I pictured to be like that talking knot in the tree from Fern Gully. Many other characters come into play in the story and each is as interesting and beautiful as the last. Her journey from scared child to the end was heartbreaking and delightful.

The ending!! I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but the ending oh!! Well done Well DONE!! I am not so usually surprised by a book but I was with this one! It was gripping and extravagant but simple in the way that it was told and it was an amazing combination when telling this story: It was unlike any book I’ve ever read. What a supremely awesome message this book will spread.

The comparisons between her world and ours are obvious and undeniable real. The monsters judge Lunora purely on the act of the vicious and horrible humans that came before her instead of on her own accord. It makes you feel so many things, sad, scared, encouraged, mad and completely thrilled with what you just read.

This book makes you think twice about what your children might be thinking about racism or terrorism or how they view other adults. This would be a great story to share with your kids, your neighbors, your peers and quite possibly even strangers that your randomly meet. I encourage readers of all ages to engage with these characters.

Check out this book here:

Amazon ➜ https://www.amazon.com/Lunoraandthemonsterking

Goodreads ➜ https://www.goodreads.com/book/lunora-and-the-monster-king

Website ➜ http://www.hscrowofficial.com/lunora-monster-king-release/

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  1. Beautiful book. The message inside was a needed one, especially with all the hate and ignorance happening right now. I kind of want to see the world in a movie

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