☆☆ Book Review ☆☆ K Webster Double Feature:: Bad Bad Bad and Easton

5 Stars (5 / 5)

Ok WOW. K Webster is rapidly becoming my favorite erotica/dark romance author! These were my 2 and 3 reads by her and I can’t get enough, I loved these even more than Notice. This is where I stand up and proclaim my everlasting love for you!

These specific stories contain taboo themes like explicit sex scenes and major age differences so if you aren’t interested in that then these novellas aren’t for you!

These were novellas that tie in but can be standalone if you like. The author has created this town and these disgustingly beautiful characters inside of it, a quaint small town where every man is insanely sexy and your relationship doesn’t stand a chance unless one of you is 17.


One of my life goals is to become a cougar!

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

So you’ll want to start with Bad Bad Bad, the first story being Brant’s Cherry Girl.

He’s old enough to be her father.
She’s his best friend’s daughter.
Their connection is off the charts.
And so very, very wrong.
This can’t happen.
Oh, but it already is…

Brant and the Sheriff have been friends their whole lives, and the Sheriff’s daughter Kelsey even calls him “Uncle Brant.” So imagine her surprise when Brant shows up after being gone for an extended period of time and wow, Kelsey has boobies!! Forty-something Brant can’t keep his hands off of 17 year old Kelsey and BAM an insta-love taboo treat is born.

We have some steamy sex but of course dad is the Sheriff and that complicates things tremendously. So not only do we get the glorious sex that K Webster is known for but we get a delightful little conflict too. It’s not messy but fleshed out and to the point and flows seamlessly until the end.

This story is about 60 pages long and it’s surprising that she can pack so many steamy sex scenes into a short story and still have her characters be so developed. They are still a little one dimensional, but that doesn’t bother you because the sex is so hot. Typically you have to give up one for the other but K Webster’s stories satisfy both which makes her stories so deliciously sinful.

The second story, Sheriff’s bad girl, is exactly what you think it is.

He’s the law and follows the rules.
She’s wild and out of control.
His daughter’s best friend is trouble.
And he wants to punish her…
With his teeth.

It continues the story in a round about way by having the Sheriff sex up the town bad girl and Kelsey’s best friend, Mandy. The story kicks off with the Sheriff moping in a bar about the loss of his best friend, Brant, a friend he had to cut loose for nailing his 17 year old daughter. He sees his daughters underage friend in the bar and that’s how we are introduced to Rick and Mandy. Perhaps not instalove since they have known eachother forever but a realized attraction on Rick’s part.

Of course Rick has to forgive his friend for screwing his daughter (um not really but ok) but now we have a little conflict in Mandy’s past with her abusive father.

This was my favorite story of K Webster’s of all time. When Mandy and the Sheriff have sex for the first time I had butterflies in my stomach while I was reading. No not butterflies it was a knot the size of Texas and my heart was pounding for her. I know what it’s like to be in love with an older guy but to have your fantasy come true like that?! I was stand up clapping for these two little pieces of JailBait.

Again, these books were packed with even more hot deviant acts and a little bit of a plot where the Sheriff has to eat his own words about screwing a teenager, since that’s exactly what he does with Bad Girl Mandy. I’m telling you this girl can write it up so that a porno is playing in your head, no kidding.

This novella was so satisfying and easy to read, I read this story and Easton’s in the same day, they were such quick reads. These are perfect for a little step out of reality for a moment have a hardcore romp with some hotties.

You can buy Bad Bad Bad here ➜ goo.gl/tHgyJx

5 Stars (5 / 5)

A man who made countless mistakes.
A woman with a messy past.

He’s tasked with helping her find her way.
She’s lost in grief and self-doubt.

Together they begin something innocent…
Until it’s not.

His freedom is at risk.
Her heart won’t survive another break.

All rational thinking says they
should stay away from each other.
But neither are very good
at following the rules.

A deep, dark craving.
An overwhelming need.
A burn much hotter than any hell
they could ever be condemned to.

He’ll give up everything for her…
because without her, he is nothing.

Then we come to Easton, the story of a 17 year old and a an ex-con turned pastor at the local church. They both have their dark secrets, and each of them can’t resist the other. This couldn’t be better. I have it so bad for Preacher Jesse Custer right now, and this just brought it to a new level.

Kelsey Greenwood has suffered a terrible emotional tragedy, and now doesn’t know how to respect herself, so she is acting wild and keeps falling in with the wrong crowd. The solution in this small town is to talk to the preacher Of Course! But this preacher is a naughty ex-con who can’t help but fall in love with troubled Lacy Greenwood.

This is another Insta-love novella that is set in the same town as Bad Bad Bad. It’s amazing to me that she can keep coming up with these individual charachers that each have their own voices in this town. Even the sex scenes never feel repeated. These in no way feel like you are reading about the same people, and even though they are short you still fall in love with them. …..Even though they are uber naughty and deserve to be punished.

This was so hot and taboo, I loved it so much! Like I said about Bad Bad Bad, this is a good step-outside-what-you-ususally-read-to-read-some-good-sex-book. It’s just for a minute and you can’t help but enjoy it. Like going and buying a McFlurry. You know you shouldn’t but you can’t help it and it tastes like a dream.

So I’m going to go grab a McFlurry and Ill be right back.

Now in my no-going to church world, all I know is Preacher Jesse Custer and now Preacher Easton (daym, that’s SEXY) and I’m just like is this what it is like at church? If so, where should I sign up? I am so effing there.


In short, these sexy insta-love novellas are just an excuse to skip the romancing and get right to the humping as my dear old grandma would say. No one writes humping better than K Webster in my opinion.

In all honesty though, K Webster is the first dark romance writer that I have cared a wit about the plot of the story. Most of these I read strictly for the sex scenes and have little interest in the plot or characters. But I really like her style and the stories of the people in this little town that she has invented. I am so excited to read about the others when the time comes!

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