Author Spotlight Norbert Reichert

Today we are going to spotlight independent author Norbert Reichert and his existing works! A versatile author, he has books in many genres, including children’s books. Don’t forget as you read through that all these books are free for a limited time only! Click on the covers to follow a link to Amazon for each one. Get them this weekend if you would like to try this exciting author for the first time!

2700 Miles

After a nuclear holocaust, a mutated virus sweeps across the nation. Scientists find a cure, but not enough medicine is left to manufacture it. Frank and Simko leave their small community in a decrepit old semi truck, one of the few vehicles still working, to search through what is left of civilization for medical supplies.





The Elevatorguy

Somewhere out there, a short while ago, a child was taken by a predator, never to return home. Shortly before that, a woman was taken against her will. But without evidence, what can the law do? The Elevatorguy is an ordinary man’s journey to set things right in the cruel, heartless underworld where such predators roam. If he gets caught, there won’t be mercy. If the law catches up with him, it’s life behind bars. “I never wanted to be a murderer, it just happened. Some would even call me a serial killer, but I would argue that. I didn’t do anything wrong, not the way I see it.” — Jack Roberts





PAIN is one man’s struggle after corrective dental surgery, known as orthognathic surgery, or just dental surgery. This book is Norbert Reichert’s journal, a collection of sometimes comical and often painful experiences, observations, lessons learned, and suggestions. It is not legal or medical advice, it is well worth reading by anybody contemplating such a procedure.





The Antichrist

On the brink of losing the holy war to rule all mankind for ever, the Antichrist travels back in time to present day, to hunt down the Virgin Mary with whom he wants to raise an offspring. If he finds her, his prophecy of world domination will be fulfilled. But Mary has an unlikely protector, also from the future. Short of stature, her hero makes up for his small size in other ways. This book is a parody, a spoof, and as such, some parts might require prior knowledge of other novels, movies, programs or references to give you context. It may not be for everyone. In some cases,



Susie and Shadow-Childrens books

This author has also published two children’s books that are based on two very adorable and sweet  real-life dogs! Let’s take a look at the inspiration for one of those stories, Rainy Days.

In 2012, during Hurricane Sandy, a tropical storm ravaged much of Ontario. Insisting on their daily walk, Susie and Shadow hounded their owners to take them out. These two dogs didn’t fear the driving rain and 60mph winds. If anything, they enjoyed it; the ball-thrown in the wind- flew for hundreds of yards, making a game of fetch more exciting than ever. As the tired-out, soaking wet dogs walked home after an afternoon of fun, we had to wonder what they would have done if they had a chance to take their walk unsupervised.


Author Biography

Norbert Reichert was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1977. He emigrated to Canada with his parents in 1989, and became a citizen in 1992. He went to college to became an electrical engineering technician, then soon after he started an apprenticeship in the elevator trade. Somewhere about 2011, he read a highly acclaimed book which he found unreadable, making him think that he could do better. That day he bought a laptop, and all the endless stories in his head started emerging on screen. While building the scaffolding of his first novel, he wrote the first two children’s books in the Susie and Shadow series.



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