☆☆ Book Review ☆☆ Redefining Us by Harloe Rae

3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5)

In order to truly save him, I need to redefine us.

Xander Dixon was my best friend.
Loyal and dependable.
A brave warrior.
A permanent presence in my life until that fateful day he boarded a plane headed overseas.

Xander’s unwelcome silence haunted me for three years…
Until he suddenly resurfaces.
Blinded by misplaced fury.
Trapped in a pool of darkness.
Unable to escape the perpetual pain.

Though it would be easy to walk away, I refuse to give up on him.
I want to know his misery and torment, so I can rescue him.
Then Xander will finally be mineRedefining Us is the first book in the Reclusive Novel series. Each novel is a standalone and are interconnected.

*This novel contains mature themes that are suitable for those 18 years of age or older.*


This is the debut novel for author Harloe Rae, and it was well written and fun to read as far as debut novels go. The cover is marvelous and the pages are beautiful I am so glad that I was able to procure a paperback copy of this newly released novel.

When we first meet Xander his is living in a little shack in the woods, back from overseas but away from everyone that he knows. He has bad PTSD from events that occurred overseas and can’t stand to be around anyone or be touched. That is until Willow, his friend from high school, shows up and he doesn’t hate being around her. Now that they are able to spend some time together they are able to see that they are very in love, even with all the tense moments that the PTSD provides in the narrative of the book.

Willow and Xander were friends since they were 13, and actually in love with each other, but neither one of them knew it because they never had the nerve to tell the other one. The book is told from alternating points of view, bouncing back and fourth between Willow and Xander every chapter, I always enjoy stories like this so that you can get a wider perspective on the circumstances of the story.

In this instance though the circumstances don’t really matter much, because the back story is just the framework for what the actual story is-a sexy reunion between two people that were meant to be together but haven’t been able to yet but they are about to don’t worry. Xander and Willow are cute together, and the complexities that Xander faces makes him the more developed character of the two. Still, it was hard for me to feel the deep emotional connection that I like to feel with my characters when I read a book.

“I’ve never stopped thinking about her. Distance, time, and silence had no impact. Even after all that, Willow has been the only thing holding me back from the ledge.”

Ok, maybe a litte….

Let’s face it though, we’re not exactly focused on their personalities here: Of course this is an erotica novel so there are many explicit sex scenes in this book. For the most part they are pretty sexy and racy. Other than a just a couple cringe-worthy lines or verbiages that are fairly common in books such as these I think that this was an entertaining book, well worth the .99 cents that it costs on Amazon (or it’s free on KU!!).

I’m not altogether sure how I feel about the ex-soldier PTSD thing being a plot device for a book like this, but I also remember that these books are for fun and fantasy, so don’t begrudge anyone who enjoys it either. I was just a storyline and this is just like any other romance novel and if you think that you won’t like it than you should just steer clear. I know these types of books aren’t about complex medical conditions but his one left me thinking about that part a little more. If you do like this kind of (EXsoldier) plot I would recommend it, and I will even say that it has a decent ending that didn’t have me rolling my eyes.

This is a great debut, really. Help our #indieauthors and buy this book on Amazon.

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