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3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5)

Tara Johnson’s sacrifices are about to pay off: a senior executive at thirty-five at a Fortune 500 company, she’s one of the two finalists in line for a Managing Director position. Unfortunately, her rival of fifteen years, the charming, infuriating Richard Boyd, is just as qualified, and unlike her, he’s willing to cross pretty much every line to get what he wants.

Of all the things Tara stored in the attic to make it to the top, it’s her personal life she misses the most. That is, until she starts a steamy affair with sex god Aidan, her direct report. Interoffice relationships with a subordinate can mean the end of a career, and when Richard finds out, it’s the perfect opportunity to take his high-heeled nemesis out, especially since he’s still nursing a grudge against Tara for rejecting him years ago.

But Tara’s increasingly domineering lover has his own dark secrets, endangering more than just her career. As her liaison spirals out of control, salvation will come from the man she always thought she hated, and perhaps the only one to truly understand.


This book surprised me in many ways, some good and some OK.  I would give this book a sold 3.5.

Honestly I was expecting another sex fest since that’s all I’ve had queued up to read lately, but it wasn’t like that at all. There were sex scenes, but this one was more focused on the woman’s issues that comes with working in a man’s world. While I’ve only been exposed to this slightly, I felt connected to the character in a few ways when it came to attitudes toward her work ethics and practices compared to other workers, namely men, and the ways that women are held to different standards in the same conditions as well.

I liked this framework of the story. Being a woman that worked for a corporation at one time, I was definitely told that if I wanted to get anywhere with the company that I was going to have to act like a man. What does that even mean anyways. Be a cold unfeeling ass, don’t let your emotions get in the way? Anyways, I digress.

This working corporate woman character is one that I like and enjoy reading, one that I wanted to be at one point in my life. The book was pretty fast paced so it was a little hard to connect with Tara, but I still enjoyed this part of the story very much. I felt bad for her as a reader and a woman, always having to keep your shit together while taking care of your sick mom and not having any kind of personal life.

This wasn’t your average contemporary romance either, full of horrible cliches and ridiculous sex puns. I think the author did a pretty fair job tackling some intense front-and-center women’s issues, and there was a fair balance between this and the romantic aspect of the story.

Also, you know how I love to warn you off of love triangles, if you like it grab this book up now, if you don’t then flee, flee now.

The love story between Richard and Tara threw me off a little bit, no not a little bit like a lot, I seriously thought after fifteen years of this guy being a total jackass would have the guy packing. But then I thought to myself that perhaps love presented itself as hate first, or some such nonsense like that, because love is nonsense sometimes. But seriously, the guy is a total dick. Whatever it was, I think I have discovered that I am not a enemies to lovers kind of girl, and that’s ok.

The pacing of the story was kind of weird at times. I felt like it took forever to get into the book because we were talking about Richard forever but then the stalking thing goes from zero to sixty in no time. I could believe how stupid she was in her love affair, but Tara wasn’t scared of Aiden at all after he became so crazy, and that just didn’t add up for me. She left work at 3 in the afternoon to go to his apartment? I don’t know, maybe.

While the romantic side of the story may not have thrilled me to death, the rest of it I found intriguing and easy to read. The author is a good writer with a firm grasp on how to make a story flow and how to keep the reader engaged.

*This book was given to me for free by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. Thank you!*


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